Chapter 1: Planet Overview

Renova, a planet comprised of ancient mossy forests, primordial ocean, and mystical continents whose laws of physics are suspended and time is distorted, is home to humans and other sentient life from throughout the galaxy. It’s a powerhouse of galactic trade due to its abundant and coveted natural resources, including a precious substance called Quantum X.

The Capital of Renova

Chapter 2: Human Colonization of Renova

Millennia ago, Earth was swallowed by a black hole. Earth was ruled by a technocracy where scientists and technology reigned supreme. Resourceful survivors escaped in spaceships before the planet’s disappearance. They named themselves the Unbenighted and roamed the universe for centuries seeking a new planet to call home.

The Unbenighted

Eventually, lost in the Divus-Wodar Galaxy, the Unbenighted discovered planet Renova. Enchanted by its pristine beauty, they formed colonies across the planet. At first, relations were harmonious between the colonizers and indigenous people. These peaceful relations swiftly shattered when the Unbenighted discovered Quantum X…

Chapter 3: Quantum X

The Unbenighted’s top scientists discovered a precious new substance within the flora of Renova: Quantum X. It is a versatile and exotic precursor to matter which exists as unformed quantum information trapped in the molecular structure of the zenaria plant. In the same way that stem cells can transform into any cell, Quantum X can be alchemized into any element through biochemical manipulation.

A Zeneria Vine

The morphability of Quantum X makes it the most valuable substance in the universe. Akin to the philosopher's stone, it can be used in infinite ways to create any required material. The Unbenighted began to harvest and sell this rare substance. Buyers from countless planets traveled intergalactically to Renova to purchase Quantum X. It’s also a health panacea because biological processes can transmute it into the optimum nourishment.

Chapter 4: Indigenous People & Colonizer Conflict

Quantum X made the Unbenighted rich and powerful on an interstellar scale. Seduced by greed, the Unbenighted violated their treaties with indigenous peoples and began industrial encroachment onto their territories to perpetuate the cultivation of the zenaria plant. The indigenous people fought back, protecting their homelands through warfare. This provoked a massacre.

Renova In Turmoil

Chaos, famine, and the enslavement of the indigenous erupted. The planet was in turmoil and on the brink of annihilation. Anguished, desperate and in the depths of grief, the elder priestesses of the Bards of the Mist conjured all their magic to call for help. Their cry ripped the fabric of the universe, opening a portal for benevolent aliens to arrive.

Chapter 5: Benevolent Alien Intervention

These benevolent aliens, called Star Dancers, are interdimensional light beings. Luminous and intangible, they are entirely composed of photons and shadow. They possess a potent force of tranquility and exude a calming energy that inspires cooperation and amity. Traveling through time and space, they live in service of creating harmony and peace.

The Star Dancers

Using the elderly priestesses as conduits of communication, the Star Dancers acted as mediators between the indigenous people and the Unbenighted. They created Solus, an impartial ruling sentient machine. The planet became a prosperous multicultural paradise. Star Dancers presided over Solus, exercising guidance, direction and control. The elderly priestesses were the gatekeepers that allowed this arrangement to be successful through offering themselves as vehicles of communication. But this nirvana did not last…

To be continued...
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