Win Together

The Hashverse is a team-based trading competition platform with a twist,
bringing Web3 communities together to battle for rewards.
Hashverse Season 1 has ended. To be continued...
Players: Claim your HFT rewards on by 2023.12.25
Unite With your Frens
Take your place among the heroes and villains of planet Renova as the war rages. Select your player from over 140+ unique characters and signal your community allegiance on and off the battlefield.
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Fight for Glory
Join your fellow Web3 warriors on the battlefield to compete for XP and dominance on Renova, and the leaderboard. Combine your trading skills with unique NFT weapons, armors, and consumables to obliterate your enemies.
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Earn rewards
Climb the Player and Allegiance leaderboards to earn XP and HFT rewards, rare NFT Artifacts, and other surprise prizes. Stake your HFT to boost your Power and control the Hashverse.
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Become a tradooor
New to trading? Not a problem.

Earn XP for yourself and your Allegiance while learning about trading, DeFi, technical analysis, and more via single-player Daily DEXer quests. Level up your skills and become based AF on the battlefield.
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Explore the world of Renova
Renova, a planet comprised of ancient mossy forests, primordial oceans, quarries rich in precious metals, and vast metropolises, is home to humans and other sentient life from throughout the galaxy. It’s a powerhouse of galactic trade due to its abundant and coveted natural resources.
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