Getting Started

Welcome to the Hashverse.

Your Objective

Survive war-torn Renova and battle for supremacy by earning the most HFT. Collect XP and unique NFT artifacts to climb the leaderboards and dominate the competition.

To prepare for battle, let’s review the basics:

1. XP Is King

Earn XP by dominating Battle Royales each season and completing single player quests.

2. HFT Is Power

Stake HFT to increase your Power and boost your XP and rewards.

3. Artifacts Are Key

Level up your character by obtaining and earning artifacts from single player quests and use them to crush your frenemies in Battle Royales.

4. Rewards Are Plenty

Top the Single-Player and Allegiance leaderboards to earn more HFT, rare NFT artifacts, and other exciting prizes. Don't forget to gloat by clicking the [Share] button.

Single-Player Gameplay

Single-Player Quests

1. What They Are

You can earn XP for yourself and your allegiance by completing a variety of Single-Player quests: 

Quest Description
Trade Streak Trade every day on the Hashflow DEX and rack up XP. Be on the lookout for milestone bonuses! Wink wink.
Daily DEXer Learn the ins and outs of DeFi, level up your trading knowledge, and earn more XP.
Story Quests Dive into the rich world of Renova and earn XP.
Daily Deployment Deploy your character in the Hashverse everyday to earn a daily XP bonus.

Trade Streaks and Daily Deployment will reset 24 hours after your last completion. More details on Trade Streaks in the Appendix

2. How They Work 

Your available Single-Player quests will be displayed on the Hashverse home page. Select a quest and complete it to earn XP. 

3. Boost Your Power

Stake HFT to increase your Power and boost the XP you earn from Single-Player quests. More details on Power in the Appendix.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Battle Royales

1. What They Are

Battle Royales are team-based (Alleigance) trading competitions with an added layer of NFT-based gameplay. Compete for individual XP rewards, as well as combined Allegiance XP rewards.

2. How They Work

I. Join

You can join Battle Royale at any point during the Season. In order to enter a Battle Royale during the season, deposit funds into your battle wallet to trade for the duration of the battle.

Battle Wallet Deposit & Withdrawals Instructions
Deposit chains (example: Ethereum, Arbitrum etc.) and tokens may vary per Battle Royale and will be communicated prior to each Battle's start.
A minimum deposit amount into your Battle wallet is required to join and will be communicated prior to the Battle's start.
There is no maximum Battle desposit. However, you *cannot* add or withdraw funds after you've registered for Battle.
Any withdrawals before the end of a Battle are considered forfeits, and withdrawn players will not be eligible for Battle XP rewards.
Each Battle Royale cycle (including deposit, play, and withdraw periods) will last for two weeks.
II. Play

Compete for BattleScore and Leaderboard standing by:

Activity Description
Trading Trading performance is measured by your total trade volume and Profit and Loss (PnL) over the course of the Battle, not the size of your bags.

Specific tokens will be supported for trading during each Battle. A list of supported tokens will be communicated prior to each Battle's start. Trades made during Battle Royales will also count towards your Trade Streak and associated XP rewards.
Combating (Health) You can attack others, defend yourself, and boost your Health by deploying Hashverse NFT Artifacts. More on Artifacts here.
III. Win

Your individual rank within a Battle Royale is based on your individual BattleScore, which is calculated as follows:

TradeScore x Health = BattleScore = Individual Leaderboard Rank

Within BattleScore, your TradeScore is determined by multiplying your VolumeScore and PnL, which are calculated as follows:

Variable Description
VolumeScore Total volume adjusted with a log function: 100 x log(Volume + 1)
PnL Profit & Loss scaled by 4x (i.e. +1% PnL = 4% boost, -2% PnL = -8% drop)

NOTE: PnL has a maximum of a -90% penalty. As a result, players who trade will always score higher than players who don’t.

Pro-tips on how to win:
  1. If another player has the same volume, you can beat them by having a higher PnL.
  2. If another player has the same TradeScore, you can attack them to decrease their score.
  3. Every increase to TradeScore becomes smaller as the overall TradeScore grows. Smaller deposits can still win.

Allegiance Leaderboard ranking will be determined by summing the BattleScores of the top players within an Allegiance. The number of players within a given Allegiance whose scores will comprise the Allegiance ranking may change from Battle to Battle.

Allegiance Leaderboard rankings are displayed on a separate Allegiance leaderboard:

Allegiance Leaderboard Rank = Sum BattleScore of Top Allegiance Players

XP rewards will be distributed based on both your individual rank as a Player and overall Allegiance rank. Distribution may vary Battle to Battle and will be communicated prior to each Battle's start. Note that XP earned from Battle Royales is not eligible to be boosted with Power via HFT staking.

At the end of each Battle Royale, you will need to withdraw deposited funds from your Battle wallet. Note that these funds will remain in each Battle's wallet indefinitely until withdrawn.

3. NFT Artifacts

Health within a Battle will also be impacted by the use of NFT Artifacts. You will be able to attack (weapons), defend from attacks (armor), and boost your Health (med pack) by deploying the Artifacts from the Season 1 Battle Pack collection:

Sword of Hephaestus

Type: Melee Weapon

Description: A stinging curved sword with a blade that bursts into flames as it strikes and chars its victim to ash. This technology was developed by neighboring aliens.

Utility: Attack other members of competing Allegiances and diminish their Health by a fixed percentage

Stats per Use: 10% Damage

Max Capacity: 6 Uses

Hail Mary

Type: Ranged Weapon

Description: A merciless machine gun made of copper and iron designed for complete obliteration. These instruments of demise were created by the most elite engineers.

Utility: Attack other members of competing Allegiances and diminish their Health by a fixed percentage

Stats per Use: 5% Damage

Max Capacity: 6 Rounds

Dagger of Itztlacoliuhqui

Type: Melee Weapon

Description: Slices from this dagger leave a stinging sensation on its victims, similar to the feeling of frostbite. Some say they've seen ice crystals form where the blade strikes the skin...

Utility: Attack other members of competing Allegiances and diminish their Health by a fixed percentage

Stats per Use: 1% Damage

Max Capacity: 10 Uses

Tectonic Plate

Type: Armor

Description: A powerfully protective chest plate made of a rare metal mined deep beneath Renova’s desert sand dunes.

Utility: Defend attacks from other players by deflecting a fixed percentage of the attack received

Stats per Use: 80% Defense

Max Capacity: 6 Uses


Type: Armor

Description: These boots are made of a combination of condor skin and advanced flight technology. They allow the wearer to hover off the ground and move rapidly.

Utility: Defend attacks from other players by deflecting a fixed percentage of the attack received

Stats per Use: 20% Defense

Max Capacity: 6 Uses

Ammo Pack

Type: Ranged Weapon Boost

Description: This invaluable ammo pack contains ammunition belts used for the Hail Mary machine gun.

Utility: Reload Hail Mary to max capacity

Max Capacity: 1 Use


Type: Melee Weapon Boost

Description: This rare talisman has the capacity to charge the Sword of Hephaestus and Dagger of Dagger of Itztlacoliuhqui. The two precious metals used to create the object were mined from a neighboring planet.

Utility: Reload Sword of Hephaestus to max capacity

Max Capacity: 1 Use


Type: Armor Boost

Description: A shimmering translucent protection crystal excavated from the tombs of Renova’s ancient royalty. Noone who has carried one has ever died in battle.

Utility: Reload Tectonic Plate and Gliders to max capacity

Max Capacity: 1 Use

Med Pack

Type: Health Boost

Description: This coveted enchanted pack contains an elixir derived from the minerals of lava found on Renova's largest volcano. This potent tincture heals and revitalizes.

Utility: Increase your Health

Stats per Use: +5% Health Boost

Max Capacity: 1 Use

New weapons and armor may emerge throughout the course of the seaon.

The number of remaining uses of each NFT artifact will be indicated within the UI (the status will refresh every 2 hours).

Leaderboards & XP Rewards

XP earned will determine HFT rewards for both Individuals and Allegiances via two leaderboards:

1. Individual Leaderboard

HFT rewards for Individuals will be distributed bi-weekly based on the Player leaderboard rankings.

2. Allegiance Leaderboard

NOTE: Total Allegiance XP are capped based on # of players
  1. For XP (SP) above, only the top 500 players of each Allegiance will contribute to the Allegiance's total XP.
  2. For XP (A) above, only the top 10 players of each Allegiance will contribute to the Allegiance's total XP.

HFT rewards for Allegiances will be distributed to each Allegiance’s community at the end of Season 1 based on the Allegiance leaderboard rankings.


Trade Streaks

XP from Trade Streaks starts at 230 XP, increasing by 20 XP daily as trades are made on each Streak Day:

Trade Streak XP = 230 + (20 * Streak Day)

There are also streak milestones with bonus XP earning potential:

Streak Milestone (Consecutive Days) Milestone Bonus Total XP Opportunity (Day's Earn + Milestone Bonus)
3 +710
7 +2,630
15 +4,470
25 +6,270
35 +9,070
50 +13,770
65 +18,470
90 +27,970

Note that milestone Streak XP can only be claimed once. Reaching a milestone Streak a second time will generate the regular XP without the bonus.

Power (XP Boost)

Hashflow governance follows a vote-escrowed model (veToken model) where voting rights are determined based on the amount of HFT staked as well as the duration for which HFT is staked.

Holding at least 1 veHFT will unlock an XP Boost in the Hashverse. This boost percentage is based on veHFT, as per below:

XP Boost percentage grows linearly between the following milestones:

veHFT Milestone XP Boost
1 5%
100 10%
1,000 30%
10,000 50%
100,000 100%
250,000 150%
500,000 175%
1,000,000 200%
Enter the Hashverse


Questions? Ping us on our support channel on Discord.

Battle Royale

When do Battle Royales begin?

Battle Royales will begin on Wednesdays at 15:00 UTC every 2 weeks.

Can I join a Battle Royale after it has started?

Yes! You can join a Battle at any time as long as you deposit funds into your battle wallet to trade for the remaining duration of the battle. Your XP and rewards will begin to be calculated from the time you join. 

How much is the deposit for Battle Royale?

There will be a predetermined token and minimum deposit required to enter each Battle Royale. Supported tokens and the deposit amount will be communicated prior to each Battle's start. You can find this information by clicking the “Enter Battle Royale” section of the game.

Can I change my deposit after I’ve registered?

Currently, you will not be able to add funds once you’ve put in your deposit until the end of the current Battle Royale (every 2 weeks).

Funds can be withdrawn at any time during a Battle Royale, but this will result in forfeiture of all rewards earned for that Battle Royale.

What asset pairs can I trade during Battle Royale?

Currently, you can trade:

Why am I seeing “not enough gas” to make my trade?

Many trades require gas in ETH, so be sure to keep some ETH in your wallet (example: LINK → USDC). You can go directly to the Hashflow DEX to swap into ETH so that this trade will now have enough gas for it to clear.

How do I see if I’ve been attacked?

On your “Battle Royale” dashboard, click on “Battle Log” on your profile module on the right to see the history. Time to attack back!

How does armor work in battle?

You may equip one armor at a time, and each armor (Tectonic Plate and Gliders) can be used up to 6 times.

How do I know which consumable to purchase on an NFT marketplace?

Different NFT consumables are tied to different NFT items (Ammo Pack → Hail Mary, Talisman → Sword of Hapsephus, Luminosity → Tectonic Plates, Gliders). While NFTs can be refilled, consumables may only be used until they’re empty.

I have multiples of the same NFT, why am I not seeing them?

In Story mode, you’ll see the different types of NFT you have. In Battle Royale, you’ll see the quantities of those NFTs instead.

How does automatic-reload for weapons and armor work?

All players will have a FREE reload for their weapons and armor after the start of each Battle Royale. How it works:

  1. Make your deposit for Battle Royale
  2. Recharge will automatically be applied after Battle begins
  3. Weapons and armor that are already full will forfeit the recharge
What happens if I want to trade an NFT artifact with another player?

Like any other NFT, simply send it to another wallet!

How do I use the “Enter the Hashverse” NFT for Battle Royale? 

You will be able to use it to join the “OGs” Allegiance and along with an earn XP bonus.

If an NFT artifact was used during battle and sold to another user, can it be used again in battle by the new owner?

Yes, the weapons (Hail Mary and Sword of Hephaestus) and the armors (Tectonic Plate and Gliders) can be used by another wallet as long as they have uses remaining or are reloaded by consumables (Ammo Pack, Talisman, and Luminosity). All consumables, including the Med Pack, can only be used once.

Why don't I see my player on the Battle Royale leaderboard? 

Only the top 250 players will be visible on the Battle Royale leaderboard and open to attacks. If you're currently below the top 250, you're safe from attacks - for now.

Single Player Mode

How do I see all the XP I’ve earned so far?

On your “Story” dashboard, click on “View Activity” on your profile module on the right to see your XP log.

Will a trade streak reset after 14 days? Or can you keep the streak going?

Streaks will continue after 14 days as per this section of the game guide. Please keep in mind that once milestone XP days are claimed, they won’t be awarded again. 

When will new story chapters be unlocked?

New story chapters are released every week.

I own an Allegiance’s NFT but I cannot seem to join it on the dashboard. What can I do?

Please open a support ticket on Discord - we’ll assist you there!

XP Boost & Rewards

How does the 1M HFT prize pool work?

The 1M HFT prize pool in Season 1 consists of the following:

  1. Rewards earned from staking HFT in the Hashverse
  2. Rewards earned from your PLAYER ranking on the LEADERBOARD
  3. Rewards earned from your ALLEGIANCE at the end of the Season

The exact breakdown will be finalized and announced near the end of Season 1.

How does the HFT rewards payout work?

HFT rewards will be claimable every 2 weeks after the end of each Battle Royale. We will make announcements on our official channels when the rewards are ready for claim each time!

I want to stake HFT on other chains to boost my XP. Which chains can I stake on? 

Currently, staking is only available on Ethereum Mainnet. To obtain HFT, you can swap using your wallet here on Hashflow.

New Allegiances

I want my Web3 Community to join the Hashverse as an Allegiance, how can we sign up?

The Season 1 Allegiances have been finalized, and we are currently taking applications for Season 2. Please submit this application form here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible - thank you for your interest!