The Keepers
The Solus AI formed an elite legion of rulers to perpetuate his governance. At the helm of this legion were the Keepers, almighty representatives of Solus. They are a mysterious and secretive circle of spiritual leaders, as well as loremasters, legal authorities, adjudicators, and political advisors. Their purpose was to indoctrinate Renova’s citizens and evangelize Solus’ doctrine. They were protected at all times by fearsome Warden Droids of Solus.
The Warden Droid
To enforce the Keepers’ rule, Solus forged a powerful army of lethal droids, the Wardens, capable of subduing opposition at all costs. They became unstoppable warriors and an impenetrable shield for the Keepers.
The Resistance
The Resistance, a secret sect of rogue ex-Keepers rebelling against the tyranny of Solus, continued to fight to restore justice, equality, and liberation. They banded together with a collection of other rebels, united in their passion for a just world. These freedom fighters of diverse species brought unique strengths to the rebellion through a dynamic array of skills and experience.
The Hashbot
The Resistance created the Hashbot using ingenious technology gifted by compassionate aliens from neighboring worlds. Hashbots are fierce battle robots who are both autonomous sentient beings as well as Resistance-controlled; their deadly force equal to that even of the Warden Droids. The Hashbot is the most potent tool in the insurgence and a powerful catalyst of change.