Hashflow is now live on Solana. Start trading SOL natively.

Earn ARB on Arbitrum Trades

Launches on March 6th


We look at every price to give you the best one – sourcing liquidity from literally everywhere. We’re talkin’ Uniswap rates, without Uniswap fees. We do the hard work, you get the best rates. Why trade anywhere else?
Deep Liquidity
Your trade is guaranteed to be filled. Size does not matter.
Best Rates
Routing you to the best price every time. No need to go anywhere else.
Every Token
Trade all your favorite tokens in one place. At the best rates of course.
Native Cross-Chain
Natively swap between chains without the risk of bridging.
Total Volume

Trade Cross-Chain

Seamlessly swap tokens across your favorite chains including Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Solana. No bridging required.
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Stake. Earn. Govern.

Stake HFT to earn fees and shape the future of Hashflow.
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Win Together in The Hashverse
Unite with frens in a team-based trading competition platform with a twist, bringing Web3 communities together to battle for rewards.
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