Bridgeless Cross-Chain Swaps

Trade seamlessly across chains with guaranteed execution, MEV-resistance, and the lowest gas fees in DeFi.
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The New Standard in DeFi Trading

Better Prices
Off-chain pricing leads to tighter quotes, giving you more bang for your buck.
Guaranteed Execution
All Hashflow quotes are executed at the displayed price - what you see is what you get.
Cryptographic signatures make front-running impossible. Keep what you earn.
Zero Commission
Trade with no additional fees and gas fees up to 50% lower than popular AMMs.
Hashflow Public Pools

Powered by the World’s Best Market Makers

Now you can leverage Market Makers’ advanced pricing algorithms to earn highly-competitive yields by simply depositing liquidity – let them do the work for you.
No Impermanent Loss
Pools are continually monitored and rebalanced by Market Makers to prevent impermanent loss.
Single-sided Liquidity
Provide liquidity in just one asset and stay long while earning yield.

DeFi Done Right

Most DEXs rely on automated market makers (AMMs) to enable the buying and selling of assets, and although important, they’re far from perfect. AMMs are capital inefficient, routinely prone to risks like sandwich attacks and impermanent loss, and cannot price non-spot assets.

By using a request-for-quote (RFQ) model to allow professional market makers to manage pools, Hashflow solves these issues. In turn, traders and LPs gain access to enhanced efficiency, security, and products previously impossible in DeFi.
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